Hurricane Maria caused some of the worst damage in U.S. history, and some experts are calling for more research to determine the impact it had on Puerto Rico’s economy.

The devastation wrought by Maria, which hit the U.A.P. and Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, left the island in ruins.

The U.N. estimates that more than $300 billion was lost and nearly $30 billion has been recovered.

But in a report released Monday, economists from the University of Miami and the Brookings Institution warned that the damage was still being tallied and that some of those who lost their homes might be left with much more in the coming years.

The report said that while the U tos is now showing some progress in rebuilding the island, many areas are still devastated.

The economic effects are difficult to measure and are hard to quantify, the report said, calling it “particularly difficult to determine” what the recovery would have looked like.

For example, the U-shaped recovery pattern that the UPA had is no longer evident.

That pattern of recovery shows the economy has become more resilient than the recovery from previous hurricanes.

The study also found that Puerto Rico has been “the worst-hit U. S. territory” by Maria.

It said the recovery has been slow and uneven.

It said that the economic recovery for Puerto Rico was “likely to be incomplete” if recovery efforts are not properly funded.

The U.P., in contrast, has shown the capacity to rebuild, the researchers said.

The recovery has also been uneven.

For example, Puerto Rico had the highest number of days of sustained rain in the nation on Sept 13, but it was also the most vulnerable to future storms, with a projected 50 percent chance of extreme weather, according to the National Weather Service.

A FEMA report in February said that Puerto Ricans were living longer and that many families were struggling to cope with the effects.

In the meantime, some U. P. officials are blaming Hurricane Maria for some of Puerto Rico s problems.

In a statement on Monday, the governor of Puerto Ricos capital, San Juan, said the federal government has “no plans to send the U.”


military to help Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico governor said that federal aid would be better used to address Puerto Ricos needs, including the need to rebuild.