Part 2 of the NSA surveillance story is now available.

In part 1, we examined the NSA’s network analysis capabilities, and we’ll look at the agency’s network diagrams, which can reveal a lot about the agency. 

The NSA has been collecting and analyzing data for a number of years, and as we’ve noted before, many of the pieces of the puzzle that have been pieced together are just that, pieces.

But, it’s not like we can just start piecing them together, and that’s the problem with intelligence gathering and analysis.

There are a number pieces to every puzzle.

As such, when it comes to intelligence gathering, it is important to remember that the pieces don’t just fit together, but are interconnected.

This article is part of a series on the NSA collection of communications. 

We have previously discussed how the NSA collected and analyzed communications of several current and former President Donald Trump administration officials.

The NSA did this to try and build a case against the President.

The goal was to show that the President had a secret phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it ultimately failed. 

In the second article in the series, we’ll examine the NSA network diagrams of communications between members of the President’s team and his administration.

Part 2, which will appear on Thursday, is now online.

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