Google’s next big step in its search-engine overhaul may be in the works, but not just yet.

A new feature called Google+News could be the first of many that will be introduced over the coming months.

In an internal document that surfaced over the weekend, Google outlined the changes that it is planning to make to the feature and the associated changes to the news feed in a way that will make it easier for users to keep up with the news.

This feature is a part of Google+, the search engine giant’s new social network, and the team behind it, according to the documents.

The new feature will bring a new way to interact with the web: one that will allow you to directly interact with a Google+ community that you follow, including with your friends.

The announcement was made on an internal Google+ post that outlines the new features that will eventually be available to the public.

While the document did not explicitly mention a name for this feature, Google said it would be part of a broader set of updates that will become part of the new version of Google+.

The news feed will be updated with “all news and events from Google+” and be accessible to users on Android and iOS, Google told Ars.

There are many other changes coming in Google+ for the next few months, the company said, including improvements to the experience on Android, Android Wear, and Google+ apps.

These updates will be in a variety of areas, but will include a more streamlined user interface and new search features.

Google+ will be a new product to Google, and it’s the first major project the search giant has embarked on since launching its first mobile search engine in 2007.

For now, the platform is focused on providing a unified interface for people to share their photos, videos, and stories, as well as links to more than 20 million posts that users have made on the service.

Google’s efforts to take a more “user-centric” approach to Google+ in the coming years have been well documented, as evidenced by the company’s decision to roll out a new mobile app for the service last year.

Google is also reportedly working on an additional “news” feed, which is meant to bring the company closer to the way users would have to interact on social media in the past.

Google has been slowly rolling out updates to Google+, its other mobile social network and its mobile apps for years.

Google+, Google+, and the Google+ website have been updated frequently since its inception in 2007, but the company has yet to announce a specific feature that will go live in the new iteration of the platform.

Google didn’t provide a timeline for when the feature would be introduced, but we’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update this article when we hear back.