The Republicans are now the GOP of science.

They’re the party that will bring about a new era of science and innovation.

If this election is about the future of our country and our planet, then the GOP is the party to beat.

It’s not a matter of being right or wrong, of being a party of truth or of being the party in which one feels comfortable.

It is a matter if the Republican Party can be a force for good in the 21st century, and if it can help transform America in a new way.

In this new political moment, the party must come from within.

Republicans are not the party you think they are.

They are not just another party.

They were never going to be.

The party they represent was founded in the mid-1800s as the party with the best interest of science in mind.

Its founders knew that science was the best way to preserve the natural world and preserve humanity from the ravages of natural disaster and disease.

The Republican Party is not just a collection of old-fashioned, old-school conservative politicians, like John McCain or Mitt Romney.

The GOP has a new set of leaders who understand the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It embraces new ideas, and is willing to fight for them.

It believes that the future is in science, and that technology can and should lead to better and more intelligent society.

And it is the Republican party that has brought the world a new breed of scientist, engineer and entrepreneur.

That’s why the Republican National Committee (RNC) is proud to announce that this fall we will have a series of events highlighting the Republican platform that outlines our vision for the future.

These events will bring together top policy experts from across the political spectrum to debate our vision, explain why we believe it is right and the consequences for our country if we don’t.

The first of these events will be held at the Republican Policy Conference (RPC) in Chicago on October 19, where we will address the issues that we believe are most important to the American people.

The second will be hosted at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York on October 22.

This second event will feature a panel discussion with top scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs from across America, as well as experts from our international partners to highlight the issues facing our country today.

These two events will also highlight the important role of science education in helping our country reach new heights in innovation and technological advancement.

The third event will be moderated by Dr. Steven Novella, former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and will be followed by a panel of Republican governors and senators to discuss the Republican vision for America.

The goal is to help bring these issues to the public’s attention and to put forward our shared vision for a new age of American prosperity and security.

This is the new party.

The Party of Science and the Future Republican platform is a powerful statement of our values and the future we seek.

It recognizes the urgency of confronting climate change and protecting our national security, as we know that our economy will not be able to absorb the benefits of that change without us taking action.

It lays out a vision for science and technology that is rooted in our shared values of freedom, prosperity, opportunity and responsibility.

It reaffirms our commitment to preserving America’s unique natural environment and to protecting the planet from human-induced pollution.

It calls for an end to wasteful and dangerous spending and for more investment in basic research and development.

And, it commits to an orderly transition of power in Washington from one party to the next.

We are taking a bold stand against the corrosive influence of political correctness and pandemic hysteria.

We have a mission to make America the envy of the world, and our campaign will be the greatest challenge to this notion since the election of Ronald Reagan.

The Republicans’ vision for tomorrow is a new vision for our society and a new path forward.

The future is the future, and the party is the way to take our country back.

Our platform is here to stay.

Our values are part of our DNA.

Our policies and actions are guided by our understanding of science: the value of knowledge; the importance and value of research; the value and necessity of education; and the value that science brings to our national prosperity.

We embrace the scientific consensus and are dedicated to helping the public understand the science and the science-based solutions that are the only way to achieve our nation’s economic and security goals.

This platform is the first step in that journey.

We will continue to make progress toward our shared goals by listening to the scientific experts and engaging with the public, and we will keep working to help our country achieve these goals.

The American Republican Party understands that science is the only tool to solve our problems, and it is time to build a new generation of leaders that will work together to solve these challenges.

Dr. Steve Novello, President and CEO, The American Science