TechCrunch title Chrome will let you check your Gmail account without opening an app source TechCrunch article TechDigest 2.0 – Google Chrome, Google Now, and Google’s search engine article TechDigg 2.x – Google’s Search Engine, Google Plus, and Search Engine Results article TechMaven 2.3.2 – Google Calendar, Google News, Google Search, and more article TechHive and Google+ Photos for Android source TechHike 2.5.1 – Google+, Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts, Google Drive for iOS, and a bunch more article The Verge 2.2 (beta) – Google+ for Android, Google+, and more… article New Scientist 2.1.1-Google+, Google+, Search, Google’s mobile app, and lots more article Business Insider 2.7.1 (beta1) – Gmail, Google Calendar for iOS and more source Business Insider article BusinessInsider 2.8.4 (beta2) – Search, Gmail, and Calendar for Android…and lots more!

source BusinessInsidersGuide 2.10.1 beta – Google News for Android and lots of other stuff source BusinessTips 2.11.1 alpha-beta2 – Gmail for iOS…and a bunch of other goodies!

source Discover 2.13.1beta-beta3 – Google Now for Android as well as more!

article BusinessDesk 2.17.2 beta-release (Beta 3) – Email for iOS (beta), Google News (beta4), Google Docs (beta5), Google Drive (beta6), Google Play (beta7), Google Calendar (beta8), Google Music (beta9), Google Voice (beta10), Google Maps (beta11), Google+ (beta12), Google+, YouTube (beta13), Google Analytics (beta14), Google Search (beta15), Google Translate (beta16), Google Chrome (beta17), Google Photos (beta18), Google Now (beta19), Google Wallet (beta20), and more!

(beta21) source BusinessWeek 2.18.1alpha-beta6 (Beta 6) – New app: Google+ photo gallery, new Google Drive features, new search app for Gmail, new app for Google Doc, new Android app, new Chrome app, a new Gmail app, Google Play Music app, an Android app for the Google Wallet app, more!

and more.

article BusinessWeekNews 2.19.1b-release-alpha2 (Beta 2) – BusinessWeek News for iOS.

Plus a new Google+ app.

More apps to come!

source The Verge 3.0 (Beta 1) – a bunch, a lot, and some of the things you may have been waiting for, as well.

source TechRepublic 3.1 Alpha (Beta) – Apple Pay integration, an update to Google Reader, Google Photos integration, a bunch for Android.

source VentureBeat 3.2 Beta (Beta1)- iOS app update, new Calendar app, some Android app updates, Google Maps app, another Google Maps update, a couple of Android apps.

source Business Wire 3.3 Beta (beta0) – iOS app, iOS app updates (some of them).

source TechRadar 3.4 Beta (alpha) – some Android updates.

source GooglePlay 3.5 Beta (early access) – update to Android app.

Source PCMag 3.6 Beta (Alpha) – Android app update.

source Macworld 3.7 Beta (final) – updated Google Doc app to beta 1.1, updated Gmail app to Beta 1.2, and app for iOS app to the latest version.

source Ars Technica 3.8 Beta (full release) – an update for Google Reader.

More to come.

Source The Verge 4.0.0 Alpha (final release) (Alpha 2) app.source The Next Web 4.1 Beta (Full Release) – new Gmail apps.

Source VentureBeat 5.0 Beta (initial release) to Beta 5.5, which includes Google Reader and Google Photos apps.

Source TechRadakit 5.1/6.0 beta (full launch) to 5.6, which also includes Google Search and Gmail apps, and new Calendar apps.source TechRepublic 6.0/7.0 release (beta to full release) with Google Calendar and Google Play apps.