Analysis of the season 2 finale of The X Factor found that many viewers and critics felt the show was more about politics than the actual contestants, rather than being about contestants and their abilities.

According to Nielsen ratings, the season premiere of The Voice, the most-watched reality show on US television, saw a 5.9% dip in viewership compared to the season finale of season 1.

According the research, which was conducted by the Nielsen Company, the main reason why was because of the show’s lack of focus on actual contestants.

The series also missed a key demographic demographic: older women.

While The Voice and The X-Factor may have focused on contestants’ abilities and abilities, many viewers didn’t feel it was relevant to the women who competed, the study said.

“In fact, many women were concerned about the lack of discussion of how women would fare in this role,” the study concluded.

“They were also less likely to think it was important to the contestants themselves that they were nominated or that they would be able to perform,” it added.

While many of the women on The Voice or The X Prize were of a more progressive bent, the series was also more of a show for young, female viewers, the researchers said.