A week after President Donald Trump announced his plan to “tweak” the U.S. cybersecurity law by creating a new cybersecurity agency, Fox News is now asking the question: when will you start seeing network analysis of Trump ties to Russia?

Fox Business Network, the network that owns Fox News, is airing a special on Tuesday titled “Tune in, Tune out, Tune in!”

Fox News’ coverage of the President’s cybersecurity proposals was the focus of a Fox Business segment titled “Trump’s New Cybersecurity Agency.”

The network also aired a segment on Tuesday evening featuring a Trump supporter, claiming that “the whole country needs to get on board” with the President.

Fox News also aired an hour-long special last week on the cyberattacks in Russia, including a special featuring Fox News personalities Bret Baier, Tucker Carlson, and Gretchen Carlson.

On Tuesday, Fox Business aired a special entitled “Trump is trying to break the internet” on which Fox News contributors and personalities spoke out against the President for his “cyberattacks” against the media.

The network aired a video on Tuesday that features Tucker Carlson and Bret Baied, saying, “If you want to get this information out there and get people talking, you’re going to have to start breaking the internet, breaking the media, breaking those people who are so afraid of what’s going on in this country.

And I’m here to say that’s going to happen.”

Fox News host and political analyst Pete Hegseth said in a Wednesday column on Fox News that the President has been “very successful in creating a climate where people are very nervous about the next attack and are fearful.”

HegSeth continued, “What we are witnessing is this very dangerous situation, and it’s getting worse, and people are afraid to go to the polls because of this fear.

And if you have a president who can’t control this and has created this environment where this is an attack that is going to be carried out on the public, it’s going in the wrong direction.

It’s creating an atmosphere where this could happen again.”

On Wednesday, FoxNews.com’s Andrew Napolitano wrote that Trump is “playing with fire.”

Napolitino wrote that the administration has been doing “everything possible” to create an environment where the public “is not going to hear about this or care about this.

This is a national emergency.”

He went on to say, “The President and his advisers have been trying to turn the clock back by saying we’re going after the media and the press, but now they’re attacking the intelligence community, they’re trying to use the FBI to try to shut down the political opposition, and they’re doing everything they can to keep the press from asking tough questions.”

He added that “Trump has been so successful in using his position to create a climate in which people are so fearful that they are going to vote against him.”

Fox Business reported on Tuesday night that the new cybersecurity organization would be called the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

On Thursday, FoxBusiness.com also reported that the Office for National Counterintelligence would be named the Office on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection.

On Wednesday morning, Foxnews.com reported that President Trump will be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to discuss the President, and that the meeting will include “the president’s views on cybersecurity.”