The new Neo4J mobile OS, as it is currently known, was announced by Google and will debut at the I/O developer conference later this month.

Google has now published a full list of what’s new in the new mobile OS.

The list is based on information gleaned from Neo4js developer notes, which we’ve compiled here.

It’s worth noting that the list is not based on a single app.

There are a few different versions of Neo4JS, but this is the one we’re looking at here.

In addition to the major changes mentioned above, Neo4Js UI and UIKit APIs have also been added.

It will now be possible to use the new UIKit 2.0 API to enable better support for new devices.

There will also be support for the Android API 3.0.

Google is also making it easier for developers to build Android apps with the new app, which means they can now use the same app on Neo4s and Android phones, while still being able to support the desktop version of Neo.

Neo4 is still the best way to run a modern Android app on the new Neo platform.

Neo4js 3.2.3 will be released on September 18, but it will be available to install from the Google Play store from September 19.