Facebook’s network analysis tool has been helping social network users analyze the behavior of people they may be friends with on their platform.

Facebook says that its tool helps it identify “friends of friends” and “friends with friends” — people who share the same profile picture, same location and same friends list, among other factors.

In the past, social network analysis has relied on the same kinds of factors Facebook says are used to identify people who are “friend of friends,” but now it can be more accurate and more transparent.

In its blog post announcing the new tool, Facebook says the tools’ ability to “identify who you are and what you are doing in your Facebook network” has led to the creation of more accurate profiles and more meaningful conversations.

The company notes that it also sees the new feature “as a step in the right direction for our users and will continue to improve our products to allow people to discover, like, and engage with friends they would never have thought to be friends.”

In a blog post, the company also noted that it’s now “a little more transparent” when people share their profile information with the tool.

It also says that it will also soon add features to help people quickly filter through profiles and discover friends.