Gephir network analysis app has made its debut on Android and iOS, allowing users to analyse their network’s performance by analyzing the traffic flowing through their devices.

The Gephisto app, which is free to download on Google Play, allows users to connect to their networks via Gephid network analysis tools, which use the network’s data to help understand how your network is performing.

In the app, you can upload a series of tests to measure how your networks performance compares to those of your peers.

“We started with a simple network analysis tool that lets you test the performance of your network,” the developers wrote in a blog post.

“We’re now expanding the tool to include the analysis of more advanced network analysis algorithms, such as Gephon.”

While the app’s creators claim to have developed the app to help people who have trouble connecting to the internet, it’s not clear whether they have developed a way to test the app for its own purposes.

The app currently doesn’t show up on Google’s Play Store, and has been downloaded less than a million times.

However, there are plenty of other apps that can be used to analyse network traffic, and Gephatis developer also claims to have an app that helps with network management.

“I think the most interesting thing about this app is the fact that you can actually start using Gephas network analysis in a way that we don’t even think of today,” the company wrote.

“With Gepha, you have the option to create an account to get started and create a profile and then you can add more and more networks to it, and this profile can be shared with others.”

Gephi’s network analysis service is available for free on GooglePlay.

However, the developers are also encouraging users to test it on their own devices and use their network for “other purposes”.