Analysts have identified a growing trend of companies using networks of individual users to build a profile of individuals and organizations in an effort to target ads to them. 

These networks are increasingly popular among online advertisers as more individuals use social media platforms to socialize and engage in conversations about their business or personal life. 

As social media users become more engaged with businesses, they are increasingly connecting to social networks for the same reason that they are getting more connected with friends, family, and other people in their lives. 

In a new study from Nielsen and the University of Colorado, a number of the top 10 brands in terms of total monthly ad spend were found to use a network of individual customers in their ad campaigns. 

Here are the top ten advertisers for the month of October:The top 10 advertisers in terms on total monthly advertising spend: McDonald’s:$6,300 $639 $5,923 Target:$1,800 $1