The Israeli army’s elite Rapid Response Battalion in the West Bank on Wednesday arrested a Palestinian teenager who it said had been planning an attack on Israeli soldiers in the nearby village of Beit Lahiya, east of Hebron.

The boy, identified as 18-year-old Ahmed Nidal al-Qahtani, was arrested on the outskirts of Hebra, east Jerusalem, near the West Wall, and later taken to a military hospital, according to Israeli military officials.

He said he had been arrested in the past for carrying out attacks, but this was the first time he had attempted to carry out an attack.

The military said the teenager was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in Hebra and transported to a hospital for treatment.

He was later transferred to the Israeli hospital in Beit Jala, south of Jerusalem.

The incident took place on the morning of Monday, when Israeli soldiers raided a Palestinian home and arrested several residents.

They were later allowed to leave and return to the home of a friend.

The Israeli soldiers were carrying a rifle.

The family of one of the men arrested told The Associated Press that the army officers had told them the teenager had been radicalized and wanted to kill Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli army said the teen was shot with live ammunition by a soldier in the village of Jumma near Hebron on Monday afternoon, while in custody.

The army has not released the name of the soldier.