Health authorities have confirmed more than 40,000 cases in England and Wales.

The UK is in the second-worst outbreak of the virus after France.

This is the worst-hit country in the UK and is home to one of the biggest health systems in Europe.

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More than 40 per cent of the cases have been in London.2.

The number of new cases has increased by more than 300 per cent.3.

More cases are emerging from England than from any other part of the country.4.

More people have tested positive for coronavirence than in any other month.5.

More London residents have tested negative for the virus than any other city.6.

The rate of coronavosis is the highest in Europe and the highest worldwide.7.

More UK residents have died from the virus in the last five months than in the whole of 2015.8.

The UK’s population is expected to reach 7.2 million people by the end of 2020.9.

Around two-thirds of the coronivirus cases are in London, which has the highest rate of the UK in Europe, and one in five people live in the capital.10.

Nearly one in four people have received a new coronavivirus vaccine.11.

More British people have died of the disease than in all other countries except for Russia.